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Is YA Too Depressing?

I confess, this post over at Mother Jones (entitled “Is Being a Modern Teen Really an Endless Slog of Existential Angst?”) made me smile: I was just at the bookstore, and on a whim I browsed through a bunch of “Teen Fiction” titles. Good God. I’ve never seen such a pile of depressing writing in […]

So You Want to Write a Gay Young Adult Novel?

Check out this interview I did over at TheBacklot.com, where I basically reveal all I know about YA publishing, and the LGBT market in particular! Send to Kindle

Is YA Too Trend-Driven?

There is nothing new under the sun, true, but does that mean that every other YA book has to feel so much like last year’s big break-out hit? You know what I’m talking about: first, it was vampires, then fairytale retellings, then paranormal romance in general, then angels and zombies, then dystopian. Boy, was there […]