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How Many Times was GEOGRAPHY CLUB Rejected Before it was Published? It’s Complicated

A reader just asked me if minded telling how many publishers rejected Geography Club before it was finally published. I don’t mind answering at all, but it’s a bit complicated, so when I give presentations, I usually just say, “38 publishers!” Here’s the full story, which I’ve never before told in public, precisely because it […]

A Video Interview with ME

I was recently interviewed by Jeff Adams at the Big Gay Fiction Podcas.¬†We talk about a making movies, writing YA, and much more. Check it out! P.S. I was just starting to grow a beard. I’m not usually this scruffy! Send to Kindle

One Reader’s Take on the Russel Middlebrook Books…

A reader recently Tweeted his thoughts on all the Russel Middlebrook books so far. Authors are never supposed to say what a book “means” — we’re supposed to leave it up to the reader to decide. (But I still think he’s right on!) Click on each for a more legible size: Send to Kindle

Advice for Writers: How Do You Launch a Book?

So in my latest Media Carnivores podcast, we discuss book launches and book publicity in general. (As chance would have it, I’m currently launching a new book, The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know!) Send to Kindle

Advice for Writers: Almost Every Story is a Mystery!

So here’s what I think makes a good ” mystery” book or movie: an intriguing question is asked at the beginning of a story (typically about a murder, but not always). Over the course of that story, the main character gathers clues. Some of these clues may be dead-ends, but even they help the character […]

I’m Doing a Podcast! Hear the Whole Story Behind GEOGRAPHY CLUB, the Movie

So my writer-friend Erik Hanberg and I have started doing a bi-weekly podcast called Media Carnivores wherein we discuss all things media-related: books, movies, and TV, and also whatever’s going on in our own careers as “media entrepreneurs.” Mostly, it’s just an excuse to talk about whatever we want! But this week we discuss the […]

Signed Editions of My Books? With Free Shipping!

Want a signed copy of one of my books? Here’s the place to get it! Oh, and the prices below include FREE SHIPPING in the United States, and include all taxes. For international readers, international postage rates apply (usually around $26 — contact me with your location for an exact quote. And yes, I realize […]

A New Russel Middlebrook Book? Yup! Look for it in December 2014

So a lot of people have been asking me lately if I’m going to write a fifth Russel Middlebrook book. And the answer is … yes! It will be released in December of this year. At this point, the plot details are top-secret (not really — it’s just that the book isn’t done yet, and […]

Russel Middlebrook’s Sex Life? Yikes!

So a couple of weeks ago, I released my free short story Two Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch – part of the Russel Middlebrook Series, but also part of The Real Story Safe Sex Project, my new project devoted to fighting HIV/AIDS and promoting safe sex among gay and bi guys. Some of the feedback […]

On Writing “Incidentally Gay” Books and Characters

When it comes to LGBT issues, especially LGBT teen issues, things have changed SO MUCH in the last ten years. Naturally, the genre of LGBT teen lit has changed a lot too. When I look at my own work, Geography Club (2003) was very much about the experience of a gay kid in high school […]