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My 2004 novel is called The Last Chance Texaco. Amber, a reader, recently sent in this picture of a gas station in Hillville, Kentucky, where things are maybe just a little off! Send to Kindle

E-Publishing Update: The Revolution is Definitely Real

A few months ago I posted about how I had independently e-published four older titles of mine that had been traditionally published years ago, but were currently out-of-print or about to go out of print: The Last Chance Texaco, Grand & Humble, and the two sequels to Geography Club, The Order of the Poison Oak […]

How I Learned to Love E-Publishing (and How It’s Totally Freaking Me Out!)

Truthfully? I was dubious about e-publishing. Not as a reader. I love my e-reader — in fact, I now much prefer to read books electronically. But I’ve been a full-time writer of fiction for well over ten years now (with another ten years of “paying my dues” before that), and let’s just say: I’m used […]

The Last Chance Texaco Discussion Guide

Warning: Contains Plot Spoilers! The Last Chance Texaco By Brent Hartinger Synopsis Fifteen years old and parentless, Lucy Pitt has spent the last eight years being shifted from one foster home to another. Now she’s ended up at Kindle Home, a place for foster kids who aren‘t wanted anywhere else. Among the residents, Kindle Home […]