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MY SCREENPLAY DIARY: How One Screenplay Became Two!

Regular readers know that I recently decided to document the writing of my latest screenplay project. As I said in that first post, I was torn between writing two different kinds of movies, both of which could be produced cheaply — under three million bucks: (1) A timely and provocative story that was also commercial […]


I blogged earlier about how I am writing my next screenplay, and I’ve decided to bring interested readers along for the ride in the form of this online diary. It usually takes me 2-3 weeks to nail down the exact screenplay idea I want to write next, and also write up an outline. In terms […]

MY SCREENPLAY DIARY: I’m Writing a New Screenplay. Want to Follow Along?

I’m writing a new screenplay, and this is a column where I’m going to document the process! A bit of background: In addition to writing novels, I write screenplays (I split my time about 50/50 between the two mediums). I’ve written about twenty screenplays in my career, and eight have been optioned by producers. Alas, […]