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GREMLINS: My Movie Review

Okay, this one’s probably going to get me into trouble, but I remember watching Gremlins as a young person back in 1984, and really hating it. It’s supposedly a “holiday” movie, so I watched it again this week. And…I still hated it. Why? Oh, where to begin… The Asian mystic is a racist trope. The […]

Should Books Be Turned into Movies?

In my latest Media Carnivores podcast with Erik Hanberg, we discuss … movie adaptations of books! Why does Hollywood do it? When it works, why does it work? Why does it not work? What has been my own experience with book-to-movie adaptations? A good discussion. Check it out here. Send to Kindle

Movie News: PROJECT SWEET LIFE (My 2008 Novel) Has Been Optioned for Film!

My 2008 novel, Project Sweet Life, has officially been optioned for the movies! Better still, I’m personally writing the screenplay. In fact, when the producers decided they wanted to develop the movie project, they had only read my screenplay — they didn’t even know it had originally been a book! What’s the book and screenplay […]

Everything I Know About Movie-Making [Podcast Interviews]

So I recently appeared on the podcast of YourHollywoodPro.com, which is a website that matches aspiring filmmakers with Hollywood insiders. (If you’re looking for that kind of service, I recommend em!) Here’s part 1: And here’s part 2!     Send to Kindle