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How Many Times was GEOGRAPHY CLUB Rejected Before it was Published? It’s Complicated

A reader just asked me if minded telling how many publishers rejected Geography Club before it was finally published. I don’t mind answering at all, but it’s a bit complicated, so when I give presentations, I usually just say, “38 publishers!” Here’s the full story, which I’ve never before told in public, precisely because it […]

Wait. A GEOGRAPHY CLUB TV Series? Yup, It’s Now in the Works

One of the most interesting parts of being a writer is there’s always some unexpected new opportunity popping up completely out of the blue. This week it’s the fact that they announced that Geography Club, my first book, is officially being turning into a television series! It’s not really an adaptation of the Russel Middlebrook […]

Update: GEOGRAPHY CLUB (the Movie) is Back Up on iTunes, etc.

A lot of people have written to ask me about the availability of Geography Club, the 2013 feature film adaptation of my first novel. For a time, it wasn’t available for download. Well, it’s finally back up, on iTunes, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Full Screen, and other places! Send to Kindle

Is YA Too Depressing?

I confess, this post over at Mother Jones (entitled “Is Being a Modern Teen Really an Endless Slog of Existential Angst?”) made me smile: I was just at the bookstore, and on a whim I browsed through a bunch of “Teen Fiction” titles. Good God. I’ve never seen such a pile of depressing writing in […]

I’m Doing a Podcast! Hear the Whole Story Behind GEOGRAPHY CLUB, the Movie

So my writer-friend Erik Hanberg and I have started doing a bi-weekly podcast called Media Carnivores wherein we discuss all things media-related: books, movies, and TV, and also whatever’s going on in our own careers as “media entrepreneurs.” Mostly, it’s just an excuse to talk about whatever we want! But this week we discuss the […]

GEOGRAPHY CLUB (the Movie) Out on DVD on March 11th

For those of you asking about the DVD of the Geography Club movie, here’s the press release. Oh, and for what it’s worth? The DVD includes a really great hour-long documentary on the making of the film. It gives an excellent feel for everyone involved — and also includes an interview with yours truly. It’s […]

Why Are So Many Gay Teen Stories About a Geek in Love with a Closeted Jock?

So it’s worth asking: why are so many gay teen stories about a geek-ish guy (usually the main character) in love with a popular jock (who happens to be very closeted)? From Beautiful Thing to Get Real to Dreamboy to The Perks of Being a Wallflower to many other books, movies, and TV shows, this has […]

Who’s Playing Russel in the GEOGRAPHY CLUB Movie? The Naked Guy in the Shower (Video)

Curious who’s playing Russel in the upcoming movie version of Geography Club? His name is Cameron Deane Stewart, and he actually had a small role in last fall’s Pitch Perfect. In the trailer, you can see him at about the :45 mark. He’s playing — seriously — the naked guy in the shower: Send to […]

What’s with all the Annoying Gay Characters?

Do the main characters in a book or movie or TV show need to be sympathetic? Of course not. But I think it is important that all your characters be interesting. The main characters on Breaking Bad or Girls or Game of Thrones aren’t necessarily sympathetic — they’re mostly all horrible to each other — […]

Coming Soon: GEOGRAPHY CLUB, the Movie!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook already know that there’s a movie version of my 2003 novel Geography Club in the works, filming just wrapped, for a 2013 release. I spent  some of June down in Los Angeles on the set, and I know I’m biased, but I can’t tell you […]