Movie News: PROJECT SWEET LIFE (My 2008 Novel) Has Been Optioned for Film!

SweetLife336491My 2008 novel, Project Sweet Life, has officially been optioned for the movies!

Better still, I’m personally writing the screenplay. In fact, when the producers decided they wanted to develop the movie project, they had only read my screenplay — they didn’t even know it had originally been a book!

What’s the book and screenplay about? Here’s the logline:

Project Sweet Life (Family/Caper): When three teen friends are forced by their parents to get summer jobs, they decide to invent fake jobs, then embark on a series of get-rich-quick schemes to make the money they should be earning. But the “sweet life” proves much more difficult than anticipated.

So when will this actually be a finished movie? Well, having a project “optioned” for the movies is just the start of the development process. Now the producers (Crossbow Studios) need to see if they can raise the money and hire the talent to actually get it made.

But I’m very optimistic!

For those who are keeping score, this is the third movie project I currently have in development. Here are the other two, both based on my screenplays:

Dead Enders (Romantic Comedy/Black Comedy): Two near-death survivors join together to kill themselves in order to return to heaven — but suicide proves more difficult than anticipated, especially when they fall in love.

The Starfish Scream (Teen Drama): Unable to accept that his best friend has committed suicide, a teenage boy searches his memories of their past together for an explanation that makes it make sense.

(Both these projects have had really interesting development processes so far, with some fantastic people attached, including some very familiar names. But alas, I can’t share any actual details just yet.)

Better still, I think I’m on the verge of finalizing a fourth movie project that is also very interesting. Details soon!




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