Signed Editions of My Books? With Free Shipping, No Less!

So I just received some unsold book inventory. Since I have all the copies of my books I could ever use, I figured I’d offer them to people who might enjoy buying them as signed editions. I can personalize the books or simply just sign them (which is what most collectors want). Just let me know.

Oh, and these prices include FREE SHIPPING, as long as you’re in the United States. Unfortunately, for international readers, international postage rates apply (usually around $10 to $20 U.S. a shipment — contact me with your location for an exact quote).

The prices (in U.S. dollars) are:

The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know (paperback, available after December 1, 2014): $14

(PREORDER: Will ship in mid-December.)

Geography Club (paperback): $9.99

Geography Club (hardcover): $17.99

The Order of the Poison Oak (paperback): $6.99

Double Feature (paperback): $11.99

The Elephant of Surprise (paperback): $11.99

The Russel Middlebrook Series (all four books, in paperback, a $1.96 discount): $39

Shadow Walkers (paperback): $9.95

The Last Chance Texaco (hardcover): $12 (discounted from a cover price of $15.99)

Project Sweet Life (hardcover): $12 (discounted from a cover price of $16.99)

Again, FREE SHIPPING, no minimum order (in the U.S.)!

Drop me an email if interested!

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