GEOGRAPHY CLUB: The Movie is On!

Very exciting! I’m told the movie version of my novel Geography Club is definitely moving forward. The movie rights to the book, which had previously been “optioned,” have officially been “purchased” by the producers, which means it’s a “go.” Unfortunately, I don’t know too much more (and what I do know, I can’t reveal), but the talent involved is A-list and impressive, and word is that actual filming will be sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, here’s the jacket (right) of my latest novel, Shadow Walkers, a supernatural thriller-romance about a gay teen who experiments with “astral projection” in order to solve a mystery. It’s coming in February 2011.

Interesting thing about that book jacket (which I love). I got the first draft of the jacket right before I was doing final revisions on the novel. The lighthouse (in the lower left corner of the jacket) was just an off-hand reference in the book, but the artist thought it would make a cool image, so he included it prominently anyway.

I thought it made a cool image too, but it seemed a little misleading somehow, so I decided to make it more prominent in the book! It’s now a symbol that I return to several times (and the symbol’s meaning changes over the course of the story). What’s interesting is how seamlessly it fit in. I love it when that happens!

Using an actual photograph of a person on a book jacket (which this jacket does and is, of course, a big book jacket trend these days) is often troublesome for an author, because it’s usually hard for the art department to find or take the right photo of the right model, to coincide with the way the character is described in the book (some authors also think it makes the “looks” of the character a little too literal, or pins them down too much, but that’s a separate issue).

Anyway, since I had the jacket while I was doing final revisions, I was also able to refine my description of the main character to make him look more like the guy on the jacket, so readers won’t be confused. Talk about art reflecting life!

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