Classic Christmas Specials Often Include Surprisingly Crappy Storytelling

So like most people, I love me some classic Christmas specials. And because I’m older, some of the specials are probably ones that kids today don’t watch anymore. Every year I watch them anyway. But the older I get, and the more I begin to understand this concept of “storytelling,” the more I see how […]

In Seattle? Meet Me at the Holiday Bookfest, Saturday, November 19th!

So I’ll be signing books and meeting people this Saturday, November 19th, from 3-5 PM, at the Seattle7 Holiday Bookfest! It takes place at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Ave. N. Seattle, 98103. Stop by and say hi!


Sunset Boulevard is the most famous (and probably the best) movie about Hollywood ever made. So now it’s virtually impossible to write about Hollywood without at least being aware of the movie, either to pay homage or to avoid looking like you’re ripping it off. In the case of my 2015 book Barefoot in the […]

About the Ending of GRAND & HUMBLE…

So I recently released a revised edition of an older book of mine, Grand & Humble, which tells the story of the most popular teenager in a high school, and the least popular kid, and the mystery of how the two boys are linked. (It’s currently available for FREE in all e-platforms.) It’s one of […]


So I’ve been busy promoting my latest book, Three Truths and a Lie (twisty psychological thriller!). But I’ve had some help from the folks at USB Memory Direct, who sent me some promotional flash drives to help promote the book. Pretty cool, huh? For an unusual promotional gimmick, check em out here. And if you want […]

Q&A: All About THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE (My Latest Book)

Three Truths and a Lie, my latest book, is a change of pace for me. Part horror novel, part twisty puzzle box thriller, it’s the story of four teenagers who spend a weekend in a remote cabin in the rainforests of Washington State, and soon find themselves terrorized by some locals. Or is it the […]

Here Me Talk About My New Book, THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE

So I have a new book out (on 8/2/16) called Three Truths and a Lie. It’s a twisty YA psychological thriller (with gay teens!). Erik and I talked about it in the latest episode of our podcast.

What is it About Plot That Makes Us So Picky?

I’ve been watching the AMC mini-series The Night Manager, and for the most part, I’m loving it. Great characters, an interesting set-up, terrific acting (especially by Hugh Laurie!). But with all the plot-twists, my husband Michael and I keep looking at each other, saying, “Well, that was convenient, wasn’t it?” Even though we love it, […]

Sex and Violence in the Video for THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE

Some friends and I are in the process of putting together a little preview video for my upcoming book Three Truths and a Lie (a YA psychological thriller due in August). Check out these photos from the set! (Needless to say, I’ve taken to heart the old adage that “sex and violence sells!” But it’s […]

My Song, “This Time and Place,” is Now For Sale!

So I previously mentioned how I had written and recorded a song to go along with the release of my latest book, The Road to Amazing. Now that song is for sale — on iTunes, Amazon, or wherever you normally buy music! Once again, here’s the story behind the song, “This Time and Place.” And […]