THE ROAD TO AMAZING (My Latest Book) Is Now Available as an Audio Book!

After a brief delay, I’m pleased to announce that my latest book, The Road to Amazing (book #3 in Russel Middlebrook: the Futon Years), is now available as an audio book! Once again, the great Josh Hurley narrates. (If you’re a book reviewer, contact me for a review copy.)

Should You Self-Publish?

In our latest Media Carnivores podcast, Erik and I return to the age-old question: Should You Self-Publish? What are the new challenges for indie publishers? What the biggest mistakes to avoid? Plus, Erik and I both reveal how much money we’ve both made self-publishing.

Movie News: DECKED (My Original Screenplay) Has Been Optioned for Development as an Animated Film

My original screenplay, Decked, has been optioned by the Chinese animation companies Dream Factory and Popoko Studios, for development as a movie for the Chinese and international markets. I couldn’t be happier! Here’s the logline: Decked (Family/Animation): In the four kingdoms of Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, where people are ranked by numbers, a group […]

Brent Hartinger Sings! Listen to “This Time and Place” (The Song From THE ROAD TO AMAZING)

Get this! I wrote and recorded a song for my latest book, The Road to Amazing. Here it is, set to some footage of Russel and Kevin from the old Geography Club feature film:   What’s the story behind the song? Back in 2003, when I wrote the summer camp book The Order of the […]

Movie News: PROJECT SWEET LIFE (My 2008 Novel) Has Been Optioned for Film!

My 2008 novel, Project Sweet Life, has officially been optioned for the movies! Better still, I’m personally writing the screenplay. In fact, when the producers decided they wanted to develop the movie project, they had only read my screenplay — they didn’t even know it had originally been a book! What’s the book and screenplay […]

THE ROAD TO AMAZING (My New Books) is Out Now!

The Road to Amazing, the third book the Futon Years series (and the seventh Russel Middlebrook book in all), is officially released! Buy the book here! (A reminder that if you like the book, please don’t forget to review it on Amazon and/or It’s the single most important thing you can do to support […]

Hey, I Recorded my First Potential Top-40 Hit Tonight!

When I was a kid, I was certain of three things: (1) I would have my own annual Christmas special, (2) I would win an Oscar for both my acting and screenwriting (and be nominated for producing and directing), and (3) I would record and release a top-40 hit.* See how realistic I was being? […]

What Advice Would I Give My Younger Writer Self?

In our latest Media Carnivores podcast, Erik and I discuss the advice that we wish would could give our younger writing selves (and that we’d offer to all writers). Give it a listen!

THE ROAD TO AMAZING (My New Book) is Now Available for Pre-Order!

The latest Russel Middlebrook book, The Road to Amazing, will be out March 15th. And it’s now available for pre-order! (At least the e-version is. The print and audio editions will be available for pre-order very soon.) Pre-order it by clicking on the jacket below, then following one of the links to wherever you buy […]

I’m Cutting a Single! Whoo-Hoo!

So my upcoming book The Road to Amazing includes a new song by Otto Digmore called “This Time and Place.” As chance would have it, a friend and I wrote an actual song to go along with the song in the book. And now I’m going to record it. What the hell am I thinking?!? […]