Is GAME OF THRONES the Future of TV?

Our latest Media Carnivores podcast, on the return of Game of Thrones. Is this the future of TV? Is it sexist? And much more!

Is Fan Fiction a Good Thing?

In my latest Media Carnivores podcast, Erik and I take on the question of whether or not fan fiction is a good or bad thing for the world!

How Do Writers Deal with Failure?

Our latest Media Carnivores podcast, How Do Writers Deal with Failure? Erik and I share embarrassing details about our own failures, but also offer advice on how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and carry on. (Bonus: hear the story behind The Order of the Poison Oak!).


Here it is! It’s a music video for a song based on my latest book The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know (Russel Middlebrook at age 23). It’s basically the story of Russel and Felicks’ first date (chapter eight in the book). Check it out: How in the world did this music video come […]

Is Amazon Evil (Revisited)?

So in the latest episode of my podcast Media Carnivores (with Erik Hanberg), we return to the age-old question: Is Amazon Evil? An interesting discussion!      

Warning: Don’t Try This at Home! (Writing an Oscar-Nominated Screenplay, That Is)

So it’s that time of year when screenwriting blogs are circulating the “best” screenplays of the year — the ones that will be nominated for Best Screenplay Oscars, or ones that were almost nominated. I always have very mixed feelings about this, about whether these screenplays are good example for aspiring writers to read. It’s […]

What’s the Deal with all the A**hole Characters on Cable TV?

So I caught the premiere of season two of Looking last night — the HBO show about a group of gay friends in San Francisco. I didn’t think much of the first season: a bunch of extremely unpleasant characters in storylines that alternated between “way too slight” and “stupid soap opera.” The problems with the […]

Everything I Know About Movie-Making [Podcast Interviews]

So I recently appeared on the podcast of, which is a website that matches aspiring filmmakers with Hollywood insiders. (If you’re looking for that kind of service, I recommend em!) Here’s part 1: And here’s part 2!    

So Where’s This THE THING I DIDN’T KNOW I DIDN’T KNOW Music Video?

So in the back of my latest book (The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know), I mention a music video I produced based on the book. So where the heck is it? Not released yet. It’s almost ready, but not quite. We’re finishing the final editing. Plus, I worried that if I released it […]

E-Books Have Changed Everything (And Not Just in the Ways Most People Think!)

So it’s the start of the new year, and I can’t help but think about one big change that’s happened in my life — not just this last year, but over the last few years. I started publishing my books as e-books. And it’s changed EVERYTHING in my career, and not just in the ways […]