Is Anyone Else Sick of “Hopeless” Dystopian Fiction?

Word in the biz is that the dystopian YA fad is finally winding down — and not a minute too soon, IMHO. It’s been a long time since I’ve been blown away by (or even very interested in) a dystopian-themed book, movie, or TV show, and lately I’ve been wondering why. Partly, I think, it’s […]

The Entertainment Industry is Like the Mortgage Industry: Basically Broken

Last year, Michael and I refinanced our house. We have great credit (scores of 780+), a ton of equity, and decent jobs. And the process was A COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE HELL! They had us jumping through hoop after hoop after hoop, and at several points in the process, we were thinking we’d never get financing […]

What (Exactly) Makes RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK So Good?

Yup, in my latest podcast, that’s what we discuss!

Is Amazon Evil?

Yup, that’s the subject of my latest Media Carnivores podcast. What’s my take? Find out here.  

I’m Doing a Podcast! Hear the Whole Story Behind GEOGRAPHY CLUB, the Movie

So my writer-friend Erik Hanberg and I have started doing a bi-weekly podcast called Media Carnivores wherein we discuss all things media-related: books, movies, and TV, and also whatever’s going on in our own careers as “media entrepreneurs.” Mostly, it’s just an excuse to talk about whatever we want! But this week we discuss the […]

Is George R.R. Martin is the Greatest Bad Writer of All Time (or the Worst Great One)?

I’m reposting this from 2012: So I’ve been struggling my way through A Dance with Dragons, the latest 1000-page book in George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series (the basis for the HBO series A Game of Thrones). Why am I still reading it if it’s a struggle? Because I find this […]

Books I’ve Enjoyed Lately

Here are some of the books I’ve read lately that I’ve really liked: The Bleeding Season by Greg F. Gifune (horror): I’m a fan of horror, but I’m pretty picky about what I like (as I am with all genres). So I was thrilled to find this very disturbing gem, a “classic” of sorts, recently […]

Why Isn’t Every Movie RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (and Every Book THE HUNGER GAMES)?

I’ve always been a pretty picky movie-goer and reader. Most of what I see and read ultimately disappoints me (even if I usually end up being somewhat entertained along the way). When I was younger, I used to ask myself, “Why isn’t every movie Raiders of the Lost Ark?” These days, I might also ask […]

It’s Hard to Talk About Movies Today Without Sounding Bitter

So there’s this new movie out, The Lego Movie. I hear it’s pretty good, but I knew in advance that I’ll never pay to see it. Why? Because knowing how Hollywood works, if it’s a hit (and it is), they’ll now proceed to turn every children’s toy ever sold into a movie franchise. Oh, and […]

Does the World Need “Bad” Book Reviews?

The New York Times has an interesting discussion this morning about whether or not publications should publish “bad,” or negative, book reviews. The argument goes something like this: books, unlike movies and plays, are a “smaller” medium; since there are so many thousands of books vying for attention, why not devote precious print space to […]